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quality always firstOur San Bruno sprinkler repair technicians provide our customers with several different types of repair. We specialize in valves, heads, sprinklers, drip, and timers. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to work on any type of sprinkler system. We specialize in drip and sprinkler repair. There isn't a brand of dip irrigation or sprinkler we can't service.  So if you need professional irrigation repair in San Bruno, CA, you are in the right place. 

No matter how new your sprinkler system is it needs routine maintenance to keep it running efficiently. A sprinkler system should have a tune-up once in the spring and in the fall. This is necessary to make sure the system is conserving water like it should and providing your landscape with adequate coverage.  Our professionals use only the highest quality line nozzles and applicators that ensure water is used most efficiently. If you discover that you have low or no water pressure this may indicate a broken sprinkler valve. Luckily we carry all different types of valves. We can promise a quick and easy repair. If your valve is stuck open, pick up the phone and call our 24 hour emergency hot line.  Someone will be waiting for your call. So remember, In order to maintain a gorgeous landscape and small monthly water bills, a routine maintenance to your sprinkler system are a must. 

 Good Sprinkler Maintenance Can Save You Money

broken sprinkler pipeA broken sprinkler pipe, head, or valve can waste more money and cause more damage than just about any other fixture or appliance in your house, with the exception of your toilet. If you notice a wet area in your lawn, or a water pocket creating a bubbling effect, there is a good chance that you have a broken sprinkler pipe. Our San Bruno, CA sprinkler repair experts can diagnose your sprinkler issues in just a few minutes and lay out your best options for restoring service immediately. We can also help you maintain your operational heads to make sure they stay operational, even through the high-use periods of summer and the troublesome snap freezes of winter. Call us today to learn how our San Bruno irrigation repair technicians can help.

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Quality Comes First For Our Sprinkler Repair Services

quality matters

Our San Bruno sprinkler repair technicians use only the highest quality pipes and fittings to fix your damaged pipes. In fact, we use only the highest quality materials on every part of your sprinkler repair job, right down to the glue and primer.

A sprinkler repair job done right should provide you with a 100% operational sprinkler system that should stay that way for years with an absolute minimum of upkeep.

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